SOL 14Day #1

Today I attended my first ever Ed Camp at #EdCampOAISD.  What a cool concept.  I loved having the opportunity to meet with fellow educators and learn.

I attended a session on math workshop that really has me thinking how I can improve the 30 minutes that I have with my learners.  I want so badly to make the most out of the short amount of time I have with them and to differentiate as much as possible.  I’m hoping that the info I learned today, along with meeting with my math coach on Friday, will help me hone in on determining pacing that will work best for me and my learners.

I also attended some good sessions on assessment and technology.  I’m especially looking forward to looking at some books about formative assessment to continue to improve my assessment skills.

Ed Camp wasn’t quite what I expected, but part of that is lack of experience.  Next month I will be going to another Ed Camp, but this one is focused around literacy.  Really looking forward to that one and hoping it will provide me with some great ideas and resources that I can immediately apply in my classroom.

I’m also looking forward to more opportunities to network.  Networking is not something I’m good at nor comfortable with, but I like opportunities where I have to step outside of my comfort zone.  Going on my own and having to interact with new faces is a good challenge for me and will inevitably result in better interpersonal skills. Plus, if I want my students to be trying new and uncomfortable things, I better be modeling it myself!