Being an introvert

Last night I heard Susan Cain speak about introverts and her book “Quiet.”  It was quite interesting.

Her basic ideas were that we need to change how we interact with others and to honor the knowledge that introverts have.

The big idea that struck me was that we often we listen to the loudest voice, even if its not correct or the best idea.  This fits many situations I’m in to a T.  I’m often in situations where I am sharing ideas but my ideas are not recognized because I’m quiet. It was refreshing to hear her, if only because it validates what I experience.  Just this week I decided to email some colleagues instead of go and talk with them.  My idea was well received.  I’m not sure it would have been if I’d brought it up in a meeting.

Cain was great at honoring the creativity and thoughtfulness that many introverts possess.  It was nice to hear that we really have something to offer- I know we do, but it’s nice to be reaffirmed.

Lastly, Cain talked about other differences between introverts and extroverts.  She said the greatest difference is the persons response to stimulus.  Introverts tend to be more sensitive to outside stimulus. She recommends that we look at classroom and work environments to allow for spaces that are less stimulating.  This will help introverts recharge.




About a month ago I finished reading “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.”  I really enjoyed the book- it was eye opening and intriguing to read as an introvert. 

Susan Cain, the author is speaking at a local community college today, so my husband and I are going on our date night to listen to her.  I’m excited to hear what she has to say.

I’ll update more tomorrow on what she had to say.



12 More Days

I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now.  Only 12 more school days between now and spring break, but I have so much going on. 

I am an organized person, but it seems that everything is piling up.  I’m trying to balance meetings, tutoring sessions, my teacher evaluation, conference scheduling and conferences, 3 more IEPs before break, grad school, writing daily, evaluating student progress, and progress reports.

I am hoping that I can continue to push myself to be productive without over-doing it. 

I love that I can come home each night to dinner with my husband and that I can curl up with a good book right before going to sleep. 

Taking it one day at a time…


Jelly Beans

I love jelly beans for Easter.  They’re so colorful and I love the various flavors.  All but black- yuck!  I can’t stand the licorice flavor.  jelly beans are so great because you get that boost of sugar without having to eat too many.  That said, it so easy to over-do it.  I need to make sure I don’t eat too many, or later I’ll be dealing with a sugar crash.

What makes me laugh is that even as an adult, I have my go-to candy for the holidays.

For Halloween, I love candy corn.  Christmas- candy canes and mixing regular and mint m&ms. Easter- along with jelly beans, I enjoy malted milk balls.

It seems almost ridiculous how much I look forward to the various sweets, but I think it’s because they remind me of being young and enjoying the surprise of all of the candy. 

There are definitely worse vices than a little candy now and then!


Sundays do not always mean rest

Today was not a day of rest, but at least I can say it was productive.

Today I…

-Researched and found some more articles for the project that is due next week

-Wrote an IEP

-Read some of “The Secret Life of Bees”

-Wrote a new reading unit

-Made an anchor chart

-Made a rubric for my writing “reviews unit”

-Finished lesson planning for the week

-Typed up my new unit of study

-Went to Sam’s Club and bought a new tv with our tax refund money

Looking forward to dinner and then a relaxing evening to prepare for a very busy week!


Thinking Differently

In general I appreciate that people think differently.  It makes us unique and it makes life more interesting.

Today, however, I do not appreciate that people think differently.   For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a grad. class assignment, compiling different instructional resources.  My resources need to be research base.  I’ve found most of my sources, but I have been stumped finding decoding strategies.

After searching for a while, I asked my professor what other key words I could use, since decoding was getting me nowhere.  She suggested “word reading.”  This proved to be helpful, but I’m again stumped.  I have found some great strategies, without research base. I’m sure there must be research somewhere, but how do I find it.  As I was looking, one sight categorized the strategies as “word attack” strategies.

So now, I’m searching using decoding, word reading and word attack.  Apparently these aren’t the only key words I should use since I still haven’t found what I need.

If everyone thought the same, then I would have found everything I needed nicely listed under decoding.  Is it possible, maybe just for the week, that everyone can think like me so I can find my resources? =)  Then we can go back to thinking differently!


Giving Praise

This afternoon we had an assembly to celebrate reading month.  Our High School principal, a former NBA player, came to the school to talk to our students.

He began by calling two students up to the front, one of which is my student.  Mr. J said that he had asked our principal which two, of all of her students, had improved their behavior the most.  These were the two students he called up.  He gave them each a gold dollar and celebrated their accomplishments and progress.

This was so great for my student!  While we’ve been having a rougher week than normal, he has definitely turned his behavior around.  Last year he was a runner.  This year he is generally able to turn his behavior issues around in a few short minutes.

I am so proud of the progress he’s made, and I’m glad it was acknowledged by the whole student body. To see his face- grinning ear to ear- was priceless!