Thinking Differently

In general I appreciate that people think differently.  It makes us unique and it makes life more interesting.

Today, however, I do not appreciate that people think differently.   For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a grad. class assignment, compiling different instructional resources.  My resources need to be research base.  I’ve found most of my sources, but I have been stumped finding decoding strategies.

After searching for a while, I asked my professor what other key words I could use, since decoding was getting me nowhere.  She suggested “word reading.”  This proved to be helpful, but I’m again stumped.  I have found some great strategies, without research base. I’m sure there must be research somewhere, but how do I find it.  As I was looking, one sight categorized the strategies as “word attack” strategies.

So now, I’m searching using decoding, word reading and word attack.  Apparently these aren’t the only key words I should use since I still haven’t found what I need.

If everyone thought the same, then I would have found everything I needed nicely listed under decoding.  Is it possible, maybe just for the week, that everyone can think like me so I can find my resources? =)  Then we can go back to thinking differently!



5 thoughts on “Thinking Differently

  1. Cyndy McKenzie says:

    We have had a huge conversation about sight words and high frequency words at my school. Some resources use these interchangeably. Some use terms like amazing words. We have had to define these terms for us, for our school. It would be so helpful it “we” could all agree to some basic words!

  2. Ha! I too would love a day where everyone thought like me too, just one. If only, right? I agree though, the different ways of thinking are what push us to understand our own ideas. In your case though, similar thoughts would be helpful. 🙂 Good luck!

  3. pinkieup says:

    Good point – language can be so complicated that it is hard to communicate clearly sometimes. English is ridiculous. I hope it goes well for you!!!

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