Giving Praise

This afternoon we had an assembly to celebrate reading month.  Our High School principal, a former NBA player, came to the school to talk to our students.

He began by calling two students up to the front, one of which is my student.  Mr. J said that he had asked our principal which two, of all of her students, had improved their behavior the most.  These were the two students he called up.  He gave them each a gold dollar and celebrated their accomplishments and progress.

This was so great for my student!  While we’ve been having a rougher week than normal, he has definitely turned his behavior around.  Last year he was a runner.  This year he is generally able to turn his behavior issues around in a few short minutes.

I am so proud of the progress he’s made, and I’m glad it was acknowledged by the whole student body. To see his face- grinning ear to ear- was priceless!



4 thoughts on “Giving Praise

  1. That is so cool! I have a locker room picture of Lebron James reading and I love it. Glad that NBA players are working in your community to make a difference for kids. Thanks for sharing.

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