Today I am grateful it’s the weekend.  My weekends are my time to refresh from the week and to work on grad school work.  This weekend is especially needed, since I came down with the cold my husband had all last week. 

I love knowing that I can take things easy and sleep when I need to, in order to get healthy.  I feel lucky that my cold isn’t too bad, just enough to slow me down, but I think that’s a great reminder that I need some time for myself.  Yesterday I made sure to get a few things done- taxes and FAFSA- things that needed to get done in order to get financial aid.

Today brings a much less pressing agenda- I already finished reading a book for pleasure.  I might read some of my textbook later, but if I don’t it’s ok because this coming week is spring break for grad school, so if I’m a little behind I won’t have additional work piling up.  I’m also looking forward to today’s basketball game- UofM vs. MSU.  It will be nice to just relax in front of the tv.

I’m hoping that taking some time for myself today will mean that I’m more refreshed and healthier for the busy, upcoming week.  Hope all of you are enjoying a weekend full of relaxation and not too much work!




5 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Its always so hard to find time for yourself… sometimes on the weekends it might not even happen. I’m glad you MADE the time this weekend. Feel better soon 🙂

  2. Oh the dreaded FASA I need to get ours done so my daughter can attend her second year of college! It is very important to take time for yourself especially when you are sick! Stay focused and healthy,

  3. My husband has cold right now and I am just waiting for my first symptoms to appear. I too hope it helps me to slow down a bit. Sometimes things happen at the right time.

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