Beginning the SOLC challenge for 2013

What a week!  While I would like to write something interesting/profound today, I am just spent.  Hopefully more inspiration and energy will come tomorrow. 

I am thankful that today is Friday and that I have an empty weekend ahead of me, other than some reading for grad. class.  I’m looking forward to reading, relaxing, and getting back into the habit of writing.

Here’s to a productive month of writing, sharing, and learning!

#slice 2013


3 thoughts on “Beginning the SOLC challenge for 2013

  1. Friday is my favorite day of the week. I stay late after school and play ultimate frisbee. It makes the week end on a high note! Tomorrow I have to get up early and go back to work though! Happy slicing for the rest of the month.

  2. Elizabeth G says:

    I understand how challenging it can be to gather your thoughts on a Friday. Hopefully some rest, relaxation, and reading will inspire you tomorrow. I look forward to reading your posts this month.

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