Blue-green ocean

Soft white sand

Hot sun warming my skin.


Eyes closed

Peaceful breath

State of bliss.


Salty lips

The sound of waves lapping in and out,

Crashing on the rocks.


When it’s hot, refreshing water

A book to read while drying off

No better place-





5 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. I love this. I was at the beach with you. My favorite words, “Peaceful breath State of bliss.”
    It would be fun to have our students think about what creates a state of bliss for them. Is it okay for me to share it with my students? It’s perfect for next month when we’ll be reading and writing poetry all month.

  2. I read this and I was back to my childhood – summers at the beach. Now it’s a little different, not so peaceful counting heads, worrying about the kids riding the waves, thinking about cleaning up all that sand later, etc. But someday it will be peaceful again. 🙂

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