Reasons Why

As difficult as the past 9 months have been for my husband and me to adjust from living in Hawaii to living back in Michigan, this weekend reminded me why we moved back.  Some are positive reasons and some are not so positive, but they are all the reasons we moved back.  They are good reminders that we made the right decision.

– Today we celebrated my husband’s grandma’s 80th birthday.  It was a beautiful day spent with family.  We looked at old pictures and enjoyed each others company.  This is the first birthday that I’ve been around for, and I’m so glad that we were able to be around for such an important one.

– Today we also went to the visitation for the daughter of a very dear friend.  My friend’s daughter is only 2 years older than I am, and the circumstances of her death are extremely unfair.  Despite the horrible situation, I’m glad we are back to be able to support my friend and her family, not only with our words but with our presence.  I know that it means something.

– Being close to family means being able to celebrate with my sister as she celebrates her engagement.  I knew the engagement was coming, and yet it was no less special.  When we lived in Hawaii, I know we missed a lot of important events, so I’m happy that we’re here to celebrate the big moments that are happening now.

– Next week, over spring break, we’ll be going to visit my father in law and to take him to some appointments.  We moved back to be closer to family and to help out more.  I’m glad that we have the time and resources available to help out, so that we can spend a few days seeing friends and family and taking care of my father in law.

I’m realizing more and more that time with family is so important.  I miss my Hawaii ‘ohana greatly, as they were my family away from home, but know that they’re waiting for me when I come to visit.  It’s been a hard adjustment, but I’m glad we’re back to support those who we love the most.


3 thoughts on “Reasons Why

  1. Although you faced difficulties, you weren’t alone. Family supports us in good times and bad. It sounds like things are working out for the best.

  2. I moved back to be near family four years ago. Sometimes I think it gets easier. Other times, I think it gets harder. However, I have never regretted my decision. Family is so important, and the time we get with them will never truly be enough, so it has to be the right choice, right? Focusing on the positive is essential. I heard you trying to convince yourself in this post, not because you question, but because you miss so much of the life you have known. It will get easier, and harder, but these moments with family can’t be replaced. Wishing you peace as you continue to transition!

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