What to say

In the last 24 hours or so, a strange series of events has occurred, resulting in some very sad news.

Last night when we were heading back home after my husband was finished teaching his evening college class, we had to take a detour because a fire truck and numerous emergency vehicles were blocking the way to the highway.  We had no way of knowing what had actually happened, but turned around, and took another way home.

When we got home, my sister mentioned that the situation had been on the news- which meant it had been going on for a while, since the news was last on at 6, and we were just getting home at 10- but she hadn’t paid attention to what had happened.  I went to bed figuring it was just a bad accident.

This morning we had the tv turned on, and learned that it was a shooting that caused the road closure- a murder/suicide.  A horrible situation- a father who shot a mother.  The son, who didn’t see anything was inside. I immediately felt sympathy for the family about the situation, but didn’t have any more information.

When I got to work I learned more- the woman who was shot was actually the niece of one of my colleagues.  Her brother’s only daughter was the one who was shot, and she had a five year old son.  The man who shot her was her husband, but they had been separated for a while.  He came to her house, asked her to come outside, and shot her.  Knowing that someone I was acquainted with was involved made me feel even worse.  I thought about the son, and how he would now have to grow up without parents.  I also kept thinking about the newscasters’ comments that the son hadn’t seen anything.  I having seen it would have been worse, but not seeing it does not make the situation better at all.

Tonight I was checking Facebook.  A friend had commented on a professor’s picture- a professor I know very well but am not friends with on Facebook.  I looked at the picture and then scrolled through the comments.  All of the sudden, things started falling into place, and I jumped over to my professor’s page to see what else was posted.  It was her step-daughter that was murdered last night, which means that my colleague is my professor’s husband’s sister.  It also means that my professor’s grandson now has no parents.  I looked up some articles just to clarify and it definitely seems to match.  The news says that grandparents will be raising the son.

My heart aches so much for everyone involved.  This is such a horrible situation, and it has unfolded in such a strange and unusual way- connections between people, finding out through unusual avenues.

Thinking about and Praying for all those involved.


4 thoughts on “What to say

  1. “My heart aches so much for everyone involved. This is such a horrible situation, and it has unfolded in such a strange and unusual way- connections between people, finding out through unusual avenues.” I can feel the sadness as you so clearly describe the unusual connections.

  2. mj says:

    We are all connected. When something this tragic happens, it affects us all.
    Such a sad situation. My heart goes out to the mother’s son.

  3. So tragic. Hard to know what to say in the midst of such heartbreak, but to pray makes a difference, and may help with words to say, too. My prayers will join the others.

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