Today I…

Today I…

– Took my time waking up

– Indulged with breakfast from McDonald’s

– Worked productively on progress reports before school

– Asked for help for one of my struggling students

– Finished more running records

– Taught my students more about poetry

– Had my students moving to the beat of a poem

– Consulted with a school psych. about how to help a struggling learner

– Introduced to my students

– Heard my students get excited about making progress on their math facts!

– Taught more multi-digit multiplication and reviewed multiplication facts

– Laughed with my students as they read aloud with each other

– Tried to help students who were really struggling with fractions

– Used my time as best as I could to finish all but one running record

– Worked more on my progress reports after school

– Enjoyed dinner outside with my husband

– Smiled as I saw tulips blooming

– Worked hard on my teaching project paper- it’s almost done

– Responded to my classmates, to cross off more things on my to-do list

– Didn’t wait until right before bed to post!

– I did a lot more than I thought I did

– Feel quite accomplished!

– Am ready for the weekend- only one more day!


3 thoughts on “Today I…

  1. Really enjoyed your list! Just might borrow your idea and do my own list of things I did one day!
    “Feel quite accomplished” says it all!

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