I wonder what actual expectations parents have of us as teachers.  I’ve had a couple different experiences the past two days that have made me wonder whether my expectations of others are too high.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment to discuss a problem that I’ve been dealing with for over 5 years now.  I’ve seen numerous doctors and have tried multiple treatments, with limited improvement.  My new doctor told me last night that all I should need to do is stop taking birth control pills and I should start to see some positive changes.  Really!?!  That’s all I need to do, and yet this is the first time I’ve heard of it!  She said that the pill is actually the number one cause of the issue I’m dealing with.  It’s frustrating to know that I’m just now learning about it.  Am I expecting too much from my doctors to know this information?

Today, I was at an IEP training.  My school district is switching over to an electronic system to input/write IEPs.  After learning how to use the system, we had some time to work with it and become more familiar.  I logged in, and realized that while I have general access to my students, I don’t have special education access to my students’ information.  Again, Really!?!  I know I’m a long-term sub, but I’ve been in the position since October, and will be here until the end of the school year.  This is not the first glitch I’ve had with technology.  Now out SPED director has to check and make sure I can get access- this is going to take at least a couple of days.  Again, am I expecting too much by assuming that I should have access to documents that I am going to need in order to perform my job?

I know I’m griping, but it does make me wonder how we form expectations of others.  Is this why parents get upset with teachers when their child doesn’t do well on a test, or gets in trouble in class? Do expectations vary so much that it impairs our judgement for what we should really expect?


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