Spring is coming…

I think I was meant to live in warmer weather.  I love wearing sweatshirts, mind you, but I would much rather wear tanktops and I’m in heaven when I’m walking around barefoot or in slippahs.  (I suppose on the mainland they’re called flip-flops)

This year I wore slippahs and sandals as long as could into the late fall/early winter.  Even when I wouldn’t wear then to school, I would wear them on the weekends.  After wearing slippahs almost 7 days a week for the past 8 years, my feet do not like being constrained in shoes.  It just isn’t comfortable any more.

Now that it’s finally starting to warm up- I’m excited!  Two weeks ago, when it was in the upper fifties, I wore my winter coat and flip flops to work!  Yes, it may be a bit crazy, but my feet were only cold during the few minutes I was actually outside. Otherwise they were warm, and more importantly comfortable!  I wore them again this week when the temperature was near 70.

Today, we’re in the low 40’s.  I need to decide whether I brave the cold or not. Comfort or practicality- that is the question!

The best Slippahs ever!



One thought on “Spring is coming…

  1. Jama says:

    Oh, the comforts of warmth! I have to wear socks all winter or I get cold feet, but I agree that feet need to be unconstrained. Thanks for expressing your appreciation for ‘slippahs’.

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