Collaborative Writing

Today I tried collaborative/shared writing for the first time.  Most of my students were gone, so I was working with two fourth graders.  I tried to have them each work on their own piece, and I was getting no where.  They had both decided to write about the same topic- Who they would include if they could create the best dodgeball team- so I decided that we would write together.

It was a difficult process.  Both boys struggled with the introduction, but once I gave them some support, they took off.  It was wonderful to watch them share ideas with each other, and add details to elaborate each others’ thoughts.  They also worked well respecting each others’ ideas and took turns sharing thoughts.

While they shared ideas I wrote, and when we finished writing for the day, they copied what they had written.  We aren’t finished yet, but were able to complete a solid first paragraph.

I am most excited because one of the boys has only written about video games the entire year!  For him to write about another topic is incredible!  I’m excited and encouraged by this risk-taking and growth.


One thought on “Collaborative Writing

  1. Video Games…they love them. But most stories about them are dreadful. I don’t ban writing about them but I do back flips when they make a different choice!

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