Waiting for RTI to work

I sat in a meeting this morning discussing a student who definitely needs additional support.  The question soon became whether she needs special education or not.  As we continued our discussion it became apparent that she hasn’t had much intervention and we know based on her history, that she hasn’t had a great educational past.

My school is officially starting RTI in a few weeks.  We discussed whether this student would benefit from RTI support.  She definitely would- she’s reading at the middle of first grade level as a fourth grader- but now we’re running into scheduling issues.  The student needs math intervention as well as reading intervention.  While she gets ESL services, it appears she doesn’t get much instruction from her general education teacher.  This makes the decision about what services to provide more difficult.

I would love to work with this child in special education, but RTI was put in place to help determine whether a student really has a disability or not.  I want to ensure that everything at the school level has been done before we move forward with more testing and more intensive services.

I’m hoping that my school can continue to move forward with RTI and begin to work well within this framework.  I understand how frustrating it can be to wait for weeks to see if the intervention is working, but it can also have a huge impact on a number of students.

Here’s hoping for the best!


3 thoughts on “Waiting for RTI to work

  1. I’m a classroom teacher. We have had RTI in place for the past two years. The tier one interventions can help and also provide data if we move to tier two. Sometimes the tier two interventions aren’t enough either and we continue to move toward other possibilities which include more data collection, observations, collections of sample work and yes, testing. What is most difficult is the waiting and the time it takes to move through the steps, layering on interventions and collecting data over and over. It can take a year to move through the process before a student needing an IEP is even considered for one. Time is precious, I get the RTI process and philosophy, but the endless waiting is time lost helping kids.

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